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Wicked Wednesdays in August... Renegade Love

Couldn’t  resist including Esteban from Renegade Love in Wicked Wednesdays.  Also I’m sorry it took until Saturday to post Wicked Wednesdays this week, an unexpected turn of events delayed it.

This scene is when Rosa meets Esteban her intended for the first time… or almost meets him.


“I am so pleased that you could join us this evening,” Alejandro said entering the room. “Please allow me to introduce my wife Senora Valerianna.” After he introduced her to Roberto and Lola, Alejandro introduced his wife to Rosa.

Rosa brought her head up slowly and was surprised when Senora Valerianna reached out and took her hand.

“It’s such a pleasure to meet you, my dear, I know you will find much happiness here with us.”

Rosa forced a brief smile. Senora Valerianna was a beautiful, gracious woman who appeared sincere in her welcome, though Rosa could not help but notice that again a reference was made to her finding happiness here… but not Esteban, their son. Madre di Dios. What was she getting herself into?

“Where is this son of yours who is lucky to be getting our Rosalita as his wife?” Roberto asked, his smile curious.

“Right here.”

The foreboding voice had everyone turning hastily, except Rosa. She turned reluctantly and kept her eyes downcast.

Esteban stepped out of the shadows in the corner of the room and Valerianna smiled at him. He had fastened his shirt at his throat. The simple, kind act brought a tear to her eye. She quickly wiped it away not wishing to display her emotions in front of her guests.

Esteban offered no apology or reason for not being there to greet them. He accepted Roberto’s hand and Lola’s smile with an indifferent nod.

“This is my son, Esteban,” Alejandro said proudly and placed his hands on Rosa’s shoulder to gently guide her to stand before her future husband. “Esteban, I’m pleased to have you met Rosalita your soon-to-be wife.”

Rosa raised her eyes slightly, not enough to see his face only his neck; slim and kissed by endless hours in the sun. She stared at a spot just above his collar that pulsed slightly and the more she focused on it the faster it pulsed as if something inside him beat to a heated rhythm.  She felt a blush rise and quickly lowered her eyes. She kept her hands straight at her sides and buried in the folds of her dress, so he would not reach out and take them in his.

The room remained silent and Rosa held her breath waiting for him to speak. She focused on the scuffed tips of his black boots as they remained steady and only a mere inch from the hem of her dress. The strain of the awkward situation had her eyes misting and she took a moment to close them hoping to clear the unease so no one would suspect her of crying. Otherwise she would suffer Roberto’s hard hand when they got home for embarrassing him.

She was not sure of the proper manners in such a situation and wondered how to react to his silence or if she should.

She opened her eyes and no scuffed boots brushed the hem of her dress. He was gone.


Renegade Love will be released either late December 2012 or early January 2013. I don’t have a set date yet, but I will keep everyone posted. Also if you would like to be added to the Renegade Love Alert List just go HERE and drop me an email with Renegade Love in the subject box. And if you haven’t had a chance to read the first book in the Ranchero series, Untamed Fire, you can find it at:

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