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Discovering Wintra...

It’s a challenge to write various heroines. How to keep them different, interesting, and memorable? Dawn holds a special place in my heart since she has no voice. Writing her is a challenge, though not as much as I expected. While voiceless, she still has a distinct voice of her own, and she basically writes herself. When it comes to…

Hot Summer & Hot Highlanders

Spending the hot summer days writing and while I’m working with Highlanders I’m already acquainted with, there is a persistent new Highlander who wants to be heard. I always love when characters introduce themselves. It’s so exciting getting to know them and the heroines who will give them a run for their money. The problem is time. There just isn’t…

Busy Summer

Thinking of being here...                                                                           When actually I'm here... Just wanted to let you all know I'm working hard on Highlander's Captive, third book…

Highlander's Captive

So excited to announce that Highlander's Captive is the title for book 3 in my Highlanders Trilogy. Release date is fall 2013 Cover reveal summer 2013 More info coming soon and maybe even a peek at the first chapter. :)

Hunky, Handsome Heroes... or Not?

My friend said something to me the other day about heroes in romances all being the same... hunky and handsome... the proverbial Prince Charming. I reminded her that a good majority of women, sometime in their lives (maybe even more than once), searched for their Prince Charming... their hero. She laughingly told me that she had found her Prince Charming…