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historical romance


Highlander Oath of the Beast Now Available!

Highlander Oath of the Beast is at the various e-retailers waiting to go live! Watch for the links to go live! Kindle Apple Books Nook Kobo Print book coming soon!

The Death Of Books, Or Is It?

Recently I've been reading numerous articles on people debating and bemoaning the demise of print books versus the rise of electronic books, while others insist readership is on a fast decline.With millions addicted to the written word, I'd say readers are here to stay. The format and presentation of it may change with time, but then change is inevitable. Nothing…

Week Two Feb. Contest

This week take a chance to win an autographed copy of The Bewitching Twin plus an autographed cover flat of The Angel & The Highlander. Just put contest in the comment box with your e-mail address or as many of you chose to do e-mail me at I'll post the winner on Saturday (Valentine's Day). Good luck to everyone!Here's…

February Contests

Behold, February is here but not spring according to Punxsutawney Phil (Happy Groundhog Day). But what the heck, it's the month of romance. Hearts, flowers, chocolates and more chocolates! So to celebrate romance I'm going to hold weekly contests this month. Each Monday, four in all, I'll post the contest on my blog and the winner will be announced that…

Recipes & Mysteries

Taking a break from edits and proposals, I turned to sorting through recipes I've collected (and I continue to collect). I admit I haven't tried them all, but I'm working my way through them. It got me to thinking of a mystery book I read, and enjoyed, years ago that had recipes in it. While I couldn't recall the author's…