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historical romance


Recipes & Mysteries

Taking a break from edits and proposals, I turned to sorting through recipes I've collected (and I continue to collect). I admit I haven't tried them all, but I'm working my way through them. It got me to thinking of a mystery book I read, and enjoyed, years ago that had recipes in it. While I couldn't recall the author's…

Guest Blogging Today

I'm blogging today at stop by, visit and take a chance to win Return of the Rogue, Under the Highlander's Spell and the cover of Lachlan's book The Angel and The Highlander, due in stores April 28, 2009.

Back Again

I was away for a week visiting with my four year old grandson. We were very busy playing cars, drawing and his favorite... the invisibility blanket. We sit under a particular blanket and no one knows we're there, except rabbit, squirrel and bird who gather around us. We also did a lot of reading. I'm always buying him books. His…

San Francisco Surrender

San Francisco Surrender was the first book I sold. I can't begin to tell you what I thrill it was to see it on a shelf in the bookstore. It wasn't supposed to be available yet, but I checked the romance section anyway and there it was. I can honestly say that my legs grew weak when I spotted it.…

Happy New Year!

2008 winds to an end (here) with a brief snow squall and then the sun shined through. Now that's a terrific omen ... after the squall sunshine! That means the year ahead holds a bright future... which is what I wish for all of you!Enjoy the night, but be safe and wise and welcome the New Year with smiles and…