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The Buccaneer


Conference, Beach Weather & Pirates

My friend and I had a great time at the ASJA Conference. While it was primarily for non-fiction writers, I gained a lot of info on the social media realm. Things sure have changed since I started writing romance, and I must admit I like much of it. Years ago I got letters from fans and I wrote back. Now…

Characters of the Week

Lucian Darcmoor, or as he's referred to in The Buccaneer, Captain Lucifer, is a favorite character of mine. I've had the pleasure of revisiting him since I'm getting the book ready to be made available as an e-book. A handsome man besieged with justifiable anger, he captures the daughter of the man he perceives as his enemy. He intends to…

Donna's Older Titles

I'm pleased to announce that I've gotten the rights back to some of my older books, and excited that I will eventually be offering them as ebooks. My first book San Francisco Surrender will be the first one available followed by one of my favorites The Buccaneer.I'll be letting you know more about it in future blogs, so stay tuned…

Characters... My Friends

I have found myself unwilling to let go of some of my characters. They've become good friends that I enjoy visiting. In The Buccaneer, Lucian Darcmoor helped me through my divorce. I went home after work every night and got lost writing his story. I recall phoning my sister and being upset because I only had nine pages left to…