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Marc Fletcher


Today's Happenings

First let me announce the winners of the two, autographed copies of the Marshal Tyme Diaries, since yesterday got away from me and I never posted them. Congrats to Patti Nevins and D. Campbell, who happens to love Old West Marshals as much as I do!The reason I got sidetracked yesterday was because book club catalogs arrived in the mail…

Marshal Tyme - Win A Copy!

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but there's something to be said for the Marshals of the Old West. He was a man of honor who upheld the law in lawless towns, even if it meant his death. You could count on his stoic personality with barely a smile cracking his lips, and he was always respectful to the…

Proud Mom

The proud mom that I am wants to let everyone know that the 3rd issue of my son Marc's Adam Zero Last Man of Earth series is now on sale. And don't miss the short in the back, a personal favorite of mine Marshal Tyme.He's a lawman who protects the time stream, 1850-1900, from criminals. So if you know anyone…