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paranormal romance


A Taste of the Paranormal

The entire Wyrrd Witches series is now available as e-books. You got a taste of the Wyrrd witches in my short story The Devil's Den. Now you can read how the Wyrrd witches met their mates.   Wedding Spell (Nook / kindle) Magical Moments (Nook / Kindle) Magical Memories (Nook / Kindle) Remember The Magic (Nook / Kindle)

Busy Days

With Lachlan's book finished you would think I'd take a break - a breather of sorts - but I can't go without writing for very long and Ronan's story haunts me. He's been away from his family far too long and each Sinclare book holds clues to his return. One reader e-mailed me with her thoughts on Ronan and I'm…