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The Silent Highlander Arrives in June!

The Silent Highlander will be available in June! Don't have a date yet, but I will keep you updated on it.  There will be a sneak peek of a chapter from the book in my May 19th newsletter. So if you're not a subscriber yet sign up now so you don't miss it! Also in that newsletter will be news…


With most authors having a newsletter and various book websites offering daily news about discount books, a person can be bombarded with emails. There are also endless blogs to read, not to mention social media. It takes time to get through it all and you can imagine the time it takes to keep up on it all for an author.…

Mind Chatter

My mind, I often think, has a mind of its own, talking when it shouldn’t, going off on tangents, not focusing when it should, and sometimes blathering the most idiotic things. I give a good talking to it every now and then, sometimes even an ultimatum, but it does little good. Besides, it constantly reminds me it cannot be creative…

The Silent Highlander

I'm thrilled so many of you like the cover of The Silent Highlander, book two of Highland Intrigue Trilogy. I just had to try something different for this trilogy, especially with the intrigue that surrounds it.  Make sure you pay attention throughout the prequel, Highland Intrigue A Prequel and all three books; The Silent Highlander, The Condemned Highlander, and Highlander…

Highland Intrigue A Prequel Now Available!

Jumping for joy! So excited for you to read this! Don't forget to take a chance to win a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card below. Grab your copy of Highland Intrigue A Prequel at... Kindle   Apple Books  Nook  Kobo Sorry, this will not be available in paperback! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     Giveaway!!!! Take a chance to win $100.00 Amazon Gift Card. Leave…