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A Taste of the Paranormal

The entire Wyrrd Witches series is now available as e-books. You got a taste of the Wyrrd witches in my short story The Devil's Den. Now you can read how the Wyrrd witches met their mates.   Wedding Spell (Nook / kindle) Magical Moments (Nook / Kindle) Magical Memories (Nook / Kindle) Remember The Magic (Nook / Kindle)

Books At My Doorstep

I opened my front door and there to my joy was a box from one of the book clubs I belong to. I was lucky that it was delivered later in the day. I have a writing schedule to keep and if those books had arrived earlier I would have had a hard time ignoring them.I grabbed a glass of…

Witch "Wise"

In my research into witchcraft for my witch series The Wedding Spell, Magical Moments, Magical Memories and Remember The Magic, I came across information that challenged the fact that witch means "wise." The author made interesting points referencing the Indo-European root of "Weik" and moving through Old English, Old and Middle French, Old Norse, Old High German, etc. to connect…

Busy Days

With Lachlan's book finished you would think I'd take a break - a breather of sorts - but I can't go without writing for very long and Ronan's story haunts me. He's been away from his family far too long and each Sinclare book holds clues to his return. One reader e-mailed me with her thoughts on Ronan and I'm…