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Books At My Doorstep

I opened my front door and there to my joy was a box from one of the book clubs I belong to. I was lucky that it was delivered later in the day. I have a writing schedule to keep and if those books had arrived earlier I would have had a hard time ignoring them.
I grabbed a glass of iced tea and settled comfortably in a chair to glance through the books. I lingered on the first one I picked, Bethany Lowe’s Folk Art Halloween. Of course, I quickly grabbed pen and paper ready to make lists of what I’d need to make a few of the great projects. One caught my fancy, Gypsy, the Folk Art Witch. I enjoy collecting not just witches but also crones. I have a gorgeous papier mache crone in peasant dress, bird nest in hand, basket on her arm, a nature based woman for sure.
I don’t really think of such women as witches, I rather believe them women who gain knowledge in spite of what society dictates. That is why you will find women like that in my books. I’ve mentioned Bethane, who you’ll meet in Under The Highlander’s Spell and, of course, there’s Addie the Sinclare brothers’ mother. And Aunt Sydney in my witch series is another woman who in a sense dances to her own tune.
They are all special woman and in a way woman before their time. You’ll continue to find such extraordinary woman in my books. But for now, fingers crossed that Gypsy the Folk Art Witch turns out as great as the one in the book.

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