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About Donna

It was her love of reading and daydreaming that started USA Today bestselling author Donna Fletcher’s writing career. Besides gobbling up books, her mom generously bought for her, sheAuthor Donna Fletcher spent a good portion of her time lost in daydreams that took her on grand adventures. She met heroes and villains, and heroines that, while usually in danger, always found the strength and courage to prevail. She traveled all over the world and through time in her dreams. Some places and times fascinated her more than others and she would rush to the library (no Internet at that time) and read all she could about that particular period and place. After a while, she simply could not ignore all the adventures swirling around in her head, she had no choice but to bring them more vividly to life, and so she started writing. 

Donna continues to daydream, characters popping in and out of her head wherever she goes and filling her with tales that keep her writing schedule on overload. 

Donna enjoys living on the beautiful Jersey shore surrounded by family and friends and Sweetie a cat that adopted her and her strong and handsome German shepherd Cree named after one of her heroes.



Cree                                                                                                        Sweetie

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