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My Highlander

My Highlander

A Cree & Dawn Novel

Cree & Dawn have a full length novel, My Highlander A Cree & Dawn Novel, debuting in December. When it opens, you meet a grieving Cree, his wife Dawn dead, lost to him forever, but all is not what it seems. You don’t really believe I would separate Cree & Dawn, do you?

As the story unfolded, I discovered that the one character in it would make a great hero. A new trilogy, Macardle Sisters of Courage, was beginning to form in my head about three sisters who had faced heartache and a great deal more together, but the question was which sister would be a perfect fit for that hero?

As I continued writing My Highlander more hero-quality characters entered the book and again I realized that there were two men who just might fit with the other two sisters. The more I thought about it, the more their stories played out in my head.

Naturally, it kicked off an idea for a great giveaway. To find out when and what exactly you have to do to enter and what you could win go here.

The first chapter of My Highlander A Cree & Dawn Novel goes out to my newsletter subscribers, Oct. 24th. Don’t miss out, subscribe now.



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What's Next

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My Highlander
My Highlander
Book 4: Cree & Dawn
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