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Available Late January 2022

Highlander The Cursed Lord

Highlander The Cursed Lord

Book Three, Highlander The Cursed Lord

The time has come for a curse that has plagued three clans for 20 years to meet its fate at the hands of three women who hold the key to its destruction.

Bliss, a healer and with no noble birth, strikes a bargain with Lord Lochlann to wed his son Rannick, the worst cursed lord out of the three, and produce the heir he desperately craves so that the Clan MacClaren will live on despite the fact there are those who wish to see its demise. She cannot fail, for it will mean her sister Annis, will be forced to wed Lord Brogan, the condemned lord and she worries her sister, Elysia will be offered to the silent lord. She refuses to see her sisters suffer such a terrible fate.

The bargain is not an easy one to fulfill. Rannick refuses to wed, having lost three wives to the curse. He swears that if his father weds him once again without his permission, he will see the woman dead before the curse can take her.

If that is not enough of an obstacle for Bliss, there is the gossip that spreads about Lord Rannick. His endless quest to find a way to break the curse has descended him into madness. Has made him a cohort of the devil. Has robbed him of his soul.

With the curse stalking her every step of the way, a husband who would welcome death to see the cursed finally ended, and a mystery group intent on seeing it all end with the death of the three cursed lords and their wives… how will she ever survive and help her sisters?

The exciting conclusion of Highland Intrigue Trilogy!

Author’s note: This trilogy is best read in order starting with Highland Intrigue a Prequel, followed by The Silent Highlander, The Condemned Highlander and concluding with this book Highlander The Cursed Lord.


Get Highland Intrigue A Prequel and see what the curse is all about!

Highland Intrigue A Prequel 


Book 1, The Silent Highlander 

Book 2, The Condemned Highlander



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