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Highland Oath

Highland Oath

Highland Promise Trilogy Prequel

Tragedy is about to hit the MacKinnon family and change their lives forever.

Royden MacKinnon oldest of the three MacKinnon siblings has loved Oria, the daughter of a neighboring chieftain as long as he can remember. He wants no other woman, needs no other woman, has been with no other woman. Both will be virgins when they wed and he looks forward to them discovering all the loving things marriage can bring.

Arran is the middle child gifted with a charmed tongue and fine features that steal many a woman’s heart. He’s not ready for a wife or family, no need for him to be since it is Royden who will one day rule the clan. He entertains himself with willing women and defends any woman when need be… even Purity of the Clan Macara, a little mouse of a thing who can’t stand up for herself. But then her brother Bayne is a man most men won’t challenge.

Raven is the youngest of the three MacKinnon siblings, raised by all men—her mother dying in childbirth—and is accustomed to doing as she pleases and speaking as she pleases. Traits her father realizes will be difficult when the time comes to find her a husband. Read More…

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Watch for Royden, Arran, and Raven’s stories in Highland Promise Trilogy

Book One, Pledged To A Highlander,  June 2020

Book Two, Entrusted To A Highlander, October 2020

Book Three, Highlander Oath of the Beast, January 2021

(Release dates are tentative)

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