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Now Available!

My Highlander

My Highlander

A Cree & Dawn Novel

He awoke from a dream into a nightmare…

Every morning for the past three months, Cree has risen to the heart-wrenching reality that Dawn is dead, drowned in a horrible accident. Neither his begging to nor railing at God has brought back his beloved soulmate until…

When a crumpled body found in the wooded area beside the keep turns out to be Dawn, Cree is left with more questions than answers.

Now Cree is on a mission fired by rage and hell-bent on revenge against those who would harm his wife. As information comes to light, it sparks a murder and leaves Cree asking, who in the clan knows more than they’re saying?

If that isn’t enough for Cree to deal with, there is unrest between two clans, Clan Macardle and Clan MacLoon, one of which is under his protection, and he must see it settled or a battle could ensue.

Cree and Dawn work together as tensions mount, relying on their love and trust to help them uncover the truth, expose secrets, and find the strength to face a situation they fear could cost them more dearly than they ever imagined.

Available: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, ibooks

Print edition coming soon!


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