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First let me announce the winners of the two, autographed copies of the Marshal Tyme Diaries, since yesterday got away from me and I never posted them. Congrats to Patti Nevins and D. Campbell, who happens to love Old West Marshals as much as I do!

The reason I got sidetracked yesterday was because book club catalogs arrived in the mail on Saturday and I was too busy to get to them until Sunday. As soon as I sat down with them I knew that was it. In no time I was lost reading through both, folding down corners, starring the books that I felt I just couldn’t do without and placing question marks next to those I wasn’t sure about. Then came the arduous task of trying to decide which ones I could buy, since I couldn’t reasonably afford all my choices.

Now mind you I have a stack of books TBR but when I get book catalogues it’s like letting a kid free in a toy store. I’ll take one of everything. And it’s not as if I never go to the bookstore. I’m there at least once a week and usually with my sister. We’re partners in crime when there, since neither of us can resist books. Though we do trade books, which makes our TBR piles that much larger.

Recently I read an Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor. I couldn’t get enough of the village of Ballybucklebo and the young Doctor Barry Laverty who has an assistantship under Dr. Finegal Flahertie O’Reilly, a wise and funny character. So when I saw the second book in the series, An Irish Country Doctor, I knew I had to get it.

Then I spotted a book by Robert Moss, The Secret History of Dreaming. Since I’m fascinated by dreams, and Moss being one of the best authors on the subject, it was a must have.

I love cooking with herbs and while I already have several books on the subject, I believe you can’t have too many. So when Reader’s Digest The Complete Book of Herbs caught my eye I knew it would be added to the must have list. How could I resist when it combines cooking, crafting and healing with herbs.

There were many other books I wanted, but I stopped myself and for a very good reason. Tomorrow my sister and I go to the bookstore and there’s some romances and mysteries on my must have list. I’ll share them with you soon, but how about doing the same? I’ve found some great books from friends who have shared their must have list. So, come on, share your must have list. Let others know what books you simply can’t live without.

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