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Characters of the Week

Lucian Darcmoor, or as he’s referred to in The Buccaneer, Captain Lucifer, is a favorite character of mine. I’ve had the pleasure of revisiting him since I’m getting the book ready to be made available as an e-book. A handsome man besieged with justifiable anger, he captures the daughter of the man he perceives as his enemy. He intends to take his revenge out on her, thus making his foe suffer. Catherine, however, has a different plan in mind. One that not only drives the captain crazy, but has him losing his heart to a very special woman. And as cliched as it might be I had to have a scene where he holds her tight and swings on a rope from one ship to another. He just wouldn’t be a pirate if he didn’t do that. Then there’s the rescue scene. I recall writing it and thinking how would Captain Lucifer save the woman he loved. The answer was simple. He wouldn’t let anything stop him from reaching her even if it meant marching straight into into the hands of his enemy.

Other characters I want to mention are from a book I’m reading and one I’ve already read.
I’m having a delightful time reading Murder by the Slice by Livia J. Washburn. I adore the main character Phyllis Newsom, a retired middle school teacher. Between trying not to interfere with her son Mike’s, a Parker County sheriff’s deputy, investigations and in constant baking competition with her best friend Carolyn Wilbarger and finding herself attracted to her new boarder Sam Fletcher (great last name) she’s got her hands full. Phyllis is one of those no nonsense characters with a big heart who you never grow tired reading about.

And then there’s Maggie O’Neil from The Trouble with Magic by Madelyn Alt. I get a kick out of Maggie who has some trouble adjusting to her new found abilities as an empath. Her new boss Felicity Dow, a proclaimed witch guides and helps her adapt. But Maggie’s Catholic guilt keeps getting in the way, not to mention her family. You can’t help but love, laugh and cheer for Maggie, and of course continue to read her adventures. A great character and series if you like magic.

That’s this week’s cast of characters. Look for more next week and happy reading!

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4 Comments on "Characters of the Week"

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Lucien is back on the Amazon discussion board! I will post your blog as a link!

Donna Fletcher

Thanks so much, Lori. I appreciate it.


hi encountered your site whilts surfing for The Buccaneer… this book was my first romance novel that i ever read almost 12 years ago. was borrowed at that time. i’ve been trying to find this book over here now but to no avail. hence the surfing part. i just wish i can read this book again… :)

Donna Fletcher

Lon – I wish I could tell you where to find a copy. I don’t even have an extra one or else I’d send it to you. I do hope to have it available on Kindle soon and maybe I’ll be able to offer print ones as well. Check my website or blog now and then for updates on The Buccaneer.