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Buried in Writing

The last few days have seen me buried in writing. Sometimes you get on a writing streak and can’t stop. It’s a productive time and naturally you don’t want to interrupt it. So you lock yourself away and write. You don’t eat right or fuss over your appearance. You basically stick your nose to your computer and work, work, work.
Then suddenly you realize, or someone kindly reminds you, that you’ve lost all track of time (actually days) and you look in the mirror and scream OMG! Who is that crazed, sleepless woman staring back at me?
Sanity sets in and you think of the countless phone messages that will need returning, not to mention the tons of e-mails, and of course letting everyone know, yes, I am alive! With little fanfare, you emerge from your creative mist and once again become part of life. But always lurking is that desire to return to the mist and become lost in the world you have created.

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