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historical romance


List of My Books

Many of you are asking about a list of my books in order of series being made available on my website. It's in the works, I promise, so please be patient. In the meantime I'll e-mail a list to anyone who asks for it.

Rebellious Bride in the News

My friend Renee called me all excited. She told me that my book Rebellious Bride was in an article in the NY Post titled Blond Justice. Not quite romance but a nice shot of my book cover. Have a look.

The Sinclare Brothers

When I first got the idea for the Sinclare brothers series I was so excited. I grabbed one of my big notebooks (I keep extras on hand) and got busy learning all about them. How were the brothers alike? How were they different? What type of woman would be good for each of them? What were their individual stories? And…

A Reminder

Just wanted to remind you that you can order Under The Highlander's Spell straight from Donna's Store on my website. Happy Reading!