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The Sinclare Brothers

When I first got the idea for the Sinclare brothers series I was so excited. I grabbed one of my big notebooks (I keep extras on hand) and got busy learning all about them. How were the brothers alike? How were they different? What type of woman would be good for each of them? What were their individual stories? And on and on and on until the brothers came to full life along with the Sinclare family.
I looked forward to writing each brother’s book and I loved being able to revisit with all the characters in the books that followed and creating new ones… a few surprising characters at that.
While readers have enjoyed Cavan (Return of the Rogue) and Artair’s (Under The Highlander’s Spell) stories, I went on to write Lachlan and Ronan’s books. Though there is still editing to be done on Ronan’s book, it’s basically finished and I was sad for it to end. I truly love those Sinclare men! And as for the Sinclare family… they have struggled through difficult times and have shared joyous ones. And I’ve enjoyed every moment I have spent with them. I hope you have too.
There’s much for you to learn about Ronan, but first I can’t wait for you to read Lachlan’s story, The Angel & The Highlander in stores May 2009. Over the next few months you’ll find out more about Lachlan and his love and of course there’s the great cover that I hope will be available soon.
I have lots more ideas in the works and will be reporting on them soon enough. In the meantime I’ll be sharing my musings about my writing and things in general with all of you. Right now I’m about to start research on a Highlander warrior king!
Where’s that new notebook of mine?

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