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San Francisco Surrender

San Francisco Surrender was the first book I sold. I can’t begin to tell you what I thrill it was to see it on a shelf in the bookstore. It wasn’t supposed to be available yet, but I checked the romance section anyway and there it was. I can honestly say that my legs grew weak when I spotted it. And yes I bought more than one!
Almost twenty years later with the rights returned tome, I decided to do light revisions and offer it as an e-book. I’m pleased and proud to announce that San Francisco Surrender is now available on Kindle at Amazon.
Also a very special thanks to talented artist, Michael Di Pascale for creating the new cover. He went beyond my expectations in bringing the Dragon and the Serpent to life.
I have enjoyed revisiting these special characters and refreshing their love story. So take a stroll with me down memory lane.
San Francisco 1873, Barbary Coast
Drunken men being shanghaied, robberies common place, prostitution available at every turn and clipper ships arriving daily keeps the Barbary Coast an exciting and dangerous place, and one not easy to survive.
Presently, a thief known as the Serpent is leaving his stinging mark along the wharf. He robs from the rich blokes who frequent the area in pursuit of the prostitutes and leaves a damaging mark so close to their manhoods that they all fall faint at the sensation of his blade slicing so near to their family jewels.
One man in particular is not at all pleased with the trouble the thief is causing and he is approached by other concerned citizens to see to the demise of the Serpent. After all it should be easy for a man known as the Dragon to do in the Serpent.
Sebastian Blood takes on the task but is furious when under disguise as a drunken fool he tastes the sting of the Serpent. He swears to make the thief pay.
But the Serpent is none other then a young woman Victoria, disguised as the lad Vic and turned thief out of necessity. Her younger sister Beth is extremely ill and needs constant medical attention. When it becomes too dangerous for Vic to continue the role as the Serpent, she does the only thing she can… she seeks employment with the Dragon. He in turn feels for the lad and his dire situation so he takes Vic and his sister in and that’s when the fun and love begins.

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