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Back Again

I was away for a week visiting with my four year old grandson. We were very busy playing cars, drawing and his favorite… the invisibility blanket. We sit under a particular blanket and no one knows we’re there, except rabbit, squirrel and bird who gather around us. We also did a lot of reading. I’m always buying him books. His favorite at the moment is Bad Dog Marley and I believe I now know it by heart. He thinks the part where Marley drinks out of the toilet is hilarious. He’s such a cutie, I just love him a bunch.
Unfortunately, he had a head cold and gave it to me as a parting gift, along with his hugs and kisses. But I must admit that it gives me a reasonable excuse to spend time resting, which means hot tea and a book.
I will, however, be guest blogging on Wednesday. You have to love the Internet. You can keep a speaking engagement of sorts sick or not. I’ll let you know all the particulars on Wednesday.
Right now though, I’m going to enjoy that hot tea and book.

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