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Week Two Feb. Contest

This week take a chance to win an autographed copy of The Bewitching Twin plus an autographed cover flat of The Angel & The Highlander. Just put contest in the comment box with your e-mail address or as many of you chose to do e-mail me at I’ll post the winner on Saturday (Valentine’s Day). Good luck to everyone!
Here’s a brief excerpt from The Bewitching Twin…
“I have need of you.”
“Define this need,” Aliss said sharply before losing confidence.
“Your skills. They are necessary to my clan.”
“Tell me more,” she said hesitantly, daring to hope that was all he wanted of her.
“Illness has ravaged my clan. Old and young alike are dying and some are not affected at all. It is as if the heavens pick and choose who will be spared. Your skill as a healer is known and I need it to help save my people.”
“Then I wish to make a trade,” Aliss said, knowing full well she would never deny the ill the benefit of her knowledge.
He smirked. “You think to bargain with me when you sit here on my ship, as my prisoner?”
The reason for her abduction could also be the solution. Excited, she spoke with haste. “I have something you want, my skills; you have something I want, my freedom. I will trade you one for the other. As soon as I heal your people, you will return me home. It is a fair and reasonable bargain.”
“You must heal my people,” he said as if confirming his acquiescence.
She nodded and repeated, “Then you will take me home.”
He gave a quick nod and moved closer.
His imposing size and the fierce wolf head made her wish that she could fade into the corner behind her, but then that would be retreating, and she could almost hear her twin sister scolding her for cowering. Fiona’s rebuke would be clear; show the enemy a weakness and you give him a weapon.
“Then we have a bargain,” she said with bravado.
A glint surfaced in his eyes and for a moment, Aliss expected him to smile, but he did not.
“How do you know you can trust me?”
“I ask the same of you.”
His icy stare froze her.
“Do not think to play games with my peoples’ lives.”
The mere suggestion that she would use her healing skills to do harm turned her fiery hot and melted away her fear. “How dare you even suggest that!”
He nearly plastered his nose to hers. “I dare anything when it comes to the protection of my people.”
“Like kidnapping a helpless healer?”
He glared at her. “You are far from helpless.”
His compliment startled her.
“You will heal my people,” he said sternly and stood.
“You will return me home.” Her words were meant to seal their bargain and she could only pray that he was a warrior true to his word.

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