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Hot Summer & Hot Highlanders

Spending the hot summer days writing and while I’m working with Highlanders I’m already acquainted with, there is a persistent new Highlander who wants to be heard. I always love when characters introduce themselves. It’s so exciting getting to know them and the heroines who will give them a run for their money.

The problem is time. There just isn’t enough of it. But does that stop me. Nooooo! How can it? I want to get to know these hunky guys and all they have to tell me. And they never stop surprising me.

Right now, as I posted before, I’m wrapped up in Highlander’s Captive, third and final book in the Highlanders Trilogy, and loving every minute of it.

Also working on the Macinnes Sisters’ books and the three couldn’t be more different and more interesting to write about.

So  summer may be hot, but so are my Highlanders.

In between all the writing, I’m working on my house trying to decide on colors, furniture, and fabric, which I have to admit I’m enjoying. Also haunting the thrift stores to find particular furniture pieces, so all in all—so far—a fun summer!


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8 years ago

Finding a new hot Highlander in this heat sounds double trouble to me. Love how your mind works. :)