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Discovering Wintra...

Highlander Unchained picIt’s a challenge to write various heroines. How to keep them different, interesting, and memorable? Dawn holds a special place in my heart since she has no voice. Writing her is a challenge, though not as much as I expected. While voiceless, she still has a distinct voice of her own, and she basically writes herself.

When it comes to Wintra, Cree’s sister and heroine in Highlander’s Captive (third book in Highlander Trilogy), I was surprised to discover that while she has a voice, and often speaks before thinking, there is a similarity between the two… they both live much in their thoughts, but for two distinct reasons… Dawn because she has no choice and Wintra because it’s her nature.

Now the question is… will they get along?

Hmmm… and how will Cree handle the two women?

Look for more of discovering Wintra and also Torr coming soon. And of course the infamous Cree!

Highlander’s Captive available fall 2013

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