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Donna Fletcher Highlander Trilogy


News About Cree & Dawn!

It's been five years since I released Highlander Unchained & Forbidden Highlander, book 1 & 2 of my Highlander Trilogy.  I decided it was time to join the two books together, have some editing done, and rename the trilogy since I've not only written four Cree & Dawn short stories, but will be releasing another full length Cree & Dawn…

Question...about Cree & Dawn

Question... I walked along the beach this morning to clear my head and get out in the sunshine since I’ve been buried inside writing. I wasn’t surprised that one of my Highlanders joined me, though I was surprised to see it was Cree. After saying what was on his mind, he suggested I pose a question to all of you.…

Highlander's Promise Now Available!

  Available Kindle Nook Kobo ibook Winners of the giveaway are: Sandra Francis, Cherie Jensen, & Mary Jane Congratulation!!!!!

Cover Reveal for Highlander's Promise A Cree & Dawn Short Story #2

In the morning, Cree will leave on a mission for the King, so the couple make the most of the last night they have together until he returns. He promises Dawn that all will go well and he will return safely to her. Dawn nearly collapses when she receives word that Cree has been imprisoned, falsely accused of a crime.…

What follows the Dark Dragon?

  Cree & Dawn of course! That couple have more stories to tell me than I can keep up with, so Highlander’s Promise A Cree & Dawn Short Story is next. Fingers crossed it will be a summer release date. The book cover and an excerpt will go out to my Book Alert List near the end of July and…