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Cree & Dawn return in a short story...


Highlander Unchained picReaders have been asking for more about Cree & Dawn, so coming sometime in February is Highlander’s True Love, a Cree & Dawn short story.

It has been over a month since the twins were born and Cree and Dawn are eager to have a night alone. But a problem arises that threatens not only their evening together but much more.

A woman and two year old lad have arrived at the keep with some startling news. She claims that Cree is the father of her son and she wants Cree to accept him as such.

Cree demands that Dawn leave the issue for him to handle and he has his hands full getting her to obey him, especially when Dawn learns that the woman claims that she is the mighty Cree’s first true love.

Cover reveal coming soon.

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9 years ago

I am so excited. Dawn and Cree are one of my all time favorite characters. I often read their stories over again.
Thank You!

Yvonne Daniels
Yvonne Daniels
9 years ago

I love Cree and Dawn stories so yes I would love to read more about them and also his sister and Sloan and also Dawn’s brother Neil

9 years ago

I love Cree and Dawn and I would love more stories about them and the rest of family and extended family too. Cree’s sister and Dawn’s brother and also Sloan.

Stephanie Rose
Stephanie Rose
9 years ago

I love Dawn and Cree, but then, you have not written anything I don’t enjoy. Although, Dawn and Cree are favorites of mine and I can’t wait to read more!thanks for all your hard work writing some of the best books!

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