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Busy Summer

Thinking of being here…                                                            

              When actually I’m here…9k=

Just wanted to let you all know I’m working hard on Highlander’s Captive, third book in the Highlander’s Trilogy.  Also working on other projects… some already in the works (Maccinnes Sisters Trilogy) and some new ones (shhh secret).

It’s a busy summer of spending endless days and nights with my Highlanders… ohhh that sounds like a mighty good summer. 🙂

Hope your summer is as much fun! 🙂




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11 years ago

Me, ill continue to work, but its not nearly as fun as putting your thoughts and stories on paper. 🙁
I’m glad one of us can live out their dream as a great writer. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading what you write! So good. Can hardly wait for the MaccInnes sisters story.

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