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Hunky, Handsome Heroes... or Not?

My friend said something to me the other day about heroes in romances all being the same… hunky and handsome… the proverbial Prince Charming. I reminded her that a good majority of women, sometime in their lives (maybe even more than once), searched for their Prince Charming… their hero. She laughingly told me that she had found her Prince Charming only to have him turn into a frog and that wasn’t the way it was supposed to work. She wanted hunky and handsome. I told her to be careful what she asked for since hunky and handsome didn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t turn into a frog.

She demanded to know what then constituted a hero or Prince Charming.

The answer came easily… a man with a true heart. My heroes could not be true heroes without true hearts. It’s what softens their domineering personalities and makes them treat the women they love with respect and without respect love cannot survive.

My friend and I then discussed my various heroes. Naturally, she started with Esteban from Renegade Love since he’s my most recent hero. She went on and on about how he defended Rosa and protected her even from himself. Then she talked about Cree from Highlander Unchained and Forbidden IrishdevilcoverHighlander and how he so admired her for surviving and thriving without a voice. She sighed with pleasure when she spoke about Eric from The Irish Devil, since he’s been her favorite for some time. She couldn’t quite put her finger on why, to her, he simply was the proverbial hero.

It’s all about heart I told her. My heroes have the most generous hearts.

Though I have to admit that a future hero has me concerned, he’s such a dark character, and I hadn’t thought of him as a hero. But then he stepped forward and challenged me, and I just can’t turn down a challenge. More on him in the future.

So, what, to you, makes a hero?

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10 years ago

I agree with you Donna!! I have read every book you wrote except the witch series, the highlander trilogy and your newest book, Renegage Love. I cannot wait to get started on them. I fell in love with every one of your heroes. I started reading your books when I was 15 and Im almost 25 now. Your books are still as good today as when I first started. Keep up the amazing work!!

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