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Renegade Love


Renegade Love NOR Top Pick Review

I’m so excited Renegade Love got a Night Owl Top Pick Review! A Big thank you to Emma. And yes,…

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Renegade Love... Nook & Print

Renegade Love is now available on Nook and is also available in print.

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Renegade Love Now Available...

I’m proud to announce that Renegade Love is available on Kindle Kobo & at Smashwords Nook ( will be available…

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Renegade Love... counting down the days

It’s down to the wire now… last finishing touches… a few polishes here and there… fingers crossed that I hit…

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Time for an update...

My writing schedule has never been so crazy, but then there’s a lot more to it than just writing a…

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Renegade Love Release Info

I’m a fanatic about getting things done on time, so it has been… to say the least… excruciating to me that Renegade…

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