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Renegade Love... counting down the days

DonnaFletcher_RenegadeLove_800It’s down to the wire now… last finishing touches… a few polishes here and there… fingers crossed that I hit no more delays… and any day now Renegade Love will be available.

This book was a longtime coming and I LOVED every minute of writing Esteban and Rosa’s story. Watching them both emerge—together—from the difficulties life threw at them and finding love was amazing.

Release date is only a few days away… then you will be able to slip away and get lost in Esteban and Rosa’s love story.

Of course I couldn’t let this be the last I wrote of Esteban and Rosa or Raphael and Gaby (Untamed Fire). I wanted to be able to unite them all, so you will be hearing from them again in the third book of the Rancheros Trilogy (due out 2014). The book will be about Crista, Esteban’s sister and…hmmm…let’s see if you can guess who her love interest is going to be once you read Renegade Love.  

Counting down the days…

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10 years ago

Wonderful! Thank you, thank you I can’t wait to read it!!!!!

5 years ago

Reading through the older posts about Diablo’s Angel… I had no idea that the original release date was in 2014 and you’d been wrestling with Diablo so long! Here’s hoping that everything lines up this year. ?

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