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Renegade Love Now Available...


I’m proud to announce that Renegade Love is available on




at Smashwords

Nook ( will be available later this evening or tomorrow)

Will post as soon as it’s available.

Print version will be available in the next couple of days.

Will also post when available.

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Dianna Koch
Dianna Koch
8 years ago

I am so excited!!! time to download and read! thank you!!!

Dianna Koch
Dianna Koch
8 years ago

I have read for 6 hours-taking a break for dinner and a quick trip to the store…best 6 hours I have had in awhile!! Great book-you did a wonderful job on it and the story was just perfect! Take a much deserved break-you earned it! Thanks for the great read!

april s
april s
8 years ago

YaY!!! sooo happy RL is out . I ordered my copy from work. I wont get to read it til later this morning but my copy is ready to go. TY TY TY :-) So excited!!!