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Renegade Love Release Info

DonnaFletcher_RenegadeLove_200I’m a fanatic about getting things done on time, so it has been… to say the least… excruciating to me that Renegade Love has been delayed as long as it has. The big question is when will it finally be available? I want to say May but delays… out of my control… have plagued me of late. I will keep everyone updated and those who have signed up for the Renegade Love Alert List will be notified as soon as it is available.

If you haven’t signed up to be alerted to the book’s release and would like to then click here and send an e-mail telling me you’d like to be added to the alert list.


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Dianna Koch
Dianna Koch
10 years ago

well-it’s a bummer, but given that in the past year or so you had a hurricane, got that cleaned up, wrote, then packed, then wrote some more, then moved, then wrote…and took care of your family, well, I think I can wait a little bit longer!! Hope all is going well and thanks for the updates-love your writing, I am sure the book is well worth the wait!!

10 years ago

As others have stated, you have had a rough year… Be kinder to yourself, and no worries. We can wait… although I have been checking daily because I really can’t wait to read it or anything else you write 🙂 So I guess I will just have to reread everything else, trust me, it is enough to keep me busy for a while.

10 years ago

Renegade love —-eagerly awaiting it!

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