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Last Sizzling Sunday in August... Trey & Bliss

WED TO A HIGHLAND WARRIOR1There was only one couple I could end Sizzling Sundays in August with and that’s… Trey & Bliss from the last book in the Warrior King series… To Wed A Highland Warrior.

It’s a brief scene, though so much more follows, and it takes place in a familiar setting for those of you who have read the other books in the series.


The cottage was empty and in a heartbeat a chill of fear raced through Trey. Then he recalled what Dolca had told him about the cave and the directions. He smiled and left the cottage thinking he could use a good swim.

He found the place easily enough and made his way to the belly of the cave, though stopped as soon as he saw Bliss. She stood waist high in the water; her hands stretched upward, her breast perfectly round, the nipples hard and a slight bruise marring the creamy flesh just above her breasts.

His fists clenched recalling how she had gotten the bruise, but the image soon vanished when she brought her arms down, her hands going to her mouth as in prayer, her eyes closing as she then pressed her hands to the bruise and healed herself.

Quietly as possible so as not to disturb her, but with all intentions of joining her, he made his way to where she had discarded her clothes. His garments soon joined hers.

He stood completely naked at the water’s edge. He wanted to join her, but he didn’t wish to disturb her healing. He wanted her healed and right now since he didn’t want to wait another minute to make love to her. He had waited long enough as it was and this secluded cave was the perfect setting to consummate their vows.

“You are welcome to join me,” she said, her eyes opening and her arms spread in invitation.

He didn’t hesitate. He walked in and dunked himself to rid himself of some of the dirt before he reached her. His body glistened along with his long auburn hair as he rose out of the water and went straight to her.


The release date is October 30, 2012 and you can pre-order Wed To A Highland Warrior at:




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