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Western historical romance


New Covers for My Western Romances

Three of my westerns just got terrific new covers created by Kim Killion of the Killion Group Inc.  Available on Kindle Nook Kobo & at Smashwords If you have already purchased it just click on the update (in your manger section) and you'll get the new cover.       Available on Kindle Nook Kobo & at Smashwords    …

Wicked Wednesdays in August... Renegade Love

Couldn't  resist including Esteban from Renegade Love in Wicked Wednesdays.  Also I'm sorry it took until Saturday to post Wicked Wednesdays this week, an unexpected turn of events delayed it. This scene is when Rosa meets Esteban her intended for the first time... or almost meets him.   “I am so pleased that you could join us this evening,” Alejandro…

Hero Tuesdays in July... Renegade Love Hero

Today I’m going to let you get a brief glimpse of Esteban Cesare, the hero from Renegade Love. He’s a complicated man due to his past and there is so much more to his past than anyone knows. In this scene Esteban finds out that his father has arranged a marriage for him.   “You what?” Esteban yelled at his…

Westerns in the works... Prairie Hills Women Trilogy Book 2 & 3... plus more!

Today I’m going to tell you a little something about book two and three in the Prairie Hills Women Trilogy. Beth Alcott may be new to missionary work, but she’s tenacious and determined when she marches into the Purgatory Saloon in Prairie Hills and announces, “I’m on a mission for the Lord.” She doesn’t care what the occupants of the…

Hero Tuesdays in July

Today I’m going to introduce you to the hero in book two of the Prairie Hills Women trilogy... Michael Forrester. He’s a man the town respects and admires but also fears. He owns a good portion of Prairie Hills and while he can be fair, he can also be ruthless. He also harbors some interesting secrets. Here’s the heroine's first…