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Hero Tuesdays in July

Today I’m going to introduce you to the hero in book two of the Prairie Hills Women trilogy… Michael Forrester. He’s a man the town respects and admires but also fears. He owns a good portion of Prairie Hills and while he can be fair, he can also be ruthless. He also harbors some interesting secrets.

Here’s the heroine’s first look at Michael.

At the end of the bar, near the saloon doors stood Michael Forrester owner of the Purgatory Saloon and a few other businesses in Prairie Hills. Beth hadn’t believed all the tall tales she had heard about him, especially how with one look he could get a woman to surrender to his will. Now seeing him standing there, she wondered if she was wrong.

He was a ruggedly handsome man with dark chestnut colored hair that brushed his shoulders and fearless, sexy brown eyes that warned and tempted all at once. He was impressive in height and lean and fit, his fine tailored garments marking him as a man of wealth and refined lineage. He certainly would make any woman weak in the knees… any woman but Beth.


This Saturday you’ll learn more about Michael and Beth when I blog about book two of the Prairie Women trilogy.

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