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Warrior King Series Celebration (One)

With the last book in the Warrior King series, Wed To A Highland Warrior, to be released at the end of October I thought it was time to start celebrating! So from now until release date I’ll be randomly posting sneak peaks of the book, revisiting with all the characters, and what would a celebration be without a contest. I’ll be posting more about the contest soon.

To start celebrating I’m posting the excerpt where Trey finds out that the woman he had loved, Leora, and thought dead is very much alive. Hmmm… so what about his wife?


Snow was falling lightly and dusk settling over the land when Trey and Bliss entered the MacAlpin village. Trey wasn’t met with the usual cries of welcome home. Instead villagers nodded and smiled then turned and whispered to each other.

“Something is wrong,” he said with a glance to Bliss.

“I feel it as well,” she confirmed.

They clung more tightly, as if their hands were bound by metal.


Trey intended it to stay that way.

They hurried up the keep’s steps and entered the great hall. Trey smiled seeing his family gathered around the trestle table in front of the fireplace, their usual gathering spot. He was relieved to see that they were all there along with a few faces he didn’t recognize. His da and mum, Duncan and Mercy, Reeve and Tara, Bryce and there was a petite woman sitting next to him and, a thin old man and Dolca sat across from them.

He was about to call out to them when Mara spotted him and yelled out, “My son is home.” She hurried over to him, throwing her plump arms around him. “Thank the lord you’ve returned safe and sound.”

His mum’s green eyes had betrayed her worry when she had bid him good-bye a few weeks ago. She hadn’t said it but Trey knew she hadn’t wanted him to go. She had thought he required more rest and healing, but the simple fact was that she feared for him. And he could understand why. He had been near to death when the Picts had found him and if it hadn’t been for Tara’s fine stitches and Bliss’s healing hands, death would have claimed him.

Mara turned to Bliss. “You were with him, this is good. You were there in case he needed healing.”

“He is well healed, Mara, there is no need for worry,” Bliss assured her.

“Bless your heart,” Mara said with a grin and hugged her.

Trey noticed that the others remained at the table — quiet. His brothers were never quiet, especially when one of them returned home. There was always good-natured ribbing and endless questions.

“Come sit,” Mara instructed urging them with gentle shoves to the table.

“I have something to tell you all,” Trey said gently squeezing Bliss’s hand.

His da stood, “We have something —”

A piercing scream ripped through the hall and Trey could have sworn the scream held his name. When he turned to see the source of the crazed shriek his eyes rounded and his heart began to pound in his chest.

“Leora?” he said barely above a whisper.

The woman he loved and believed dead was running toward him and he didn’t think twice, he let go of Bliss’s hand and ran to her.


Celebration time is here! Look for more Warrior King celebration posts coming soon and contest info!

For anyone who hasn’t read the Warrior King series go here and learn more about it.

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Amber P
Amber P
9 years ago

I LOVE your books, I’m actually reading Bryce’s story now loving the MacAlpin men. Can’t wait until the next one comes out.

Amber Leigh
Amber Leigh
9 years ago

I am SO excited for this book! When Leora popped up at the end of the last one my mind was already racing over that will happen between Trey and Bliss when he finds out. Also excited to find out if my guess for which brother is the king is right. You should have a poll close to the date of release polling your readers on who they think will be the king. I’m interested to know who other readers think it is.

judy barrera
judy barrera
9 years ago

your last chapter in a warrior promise was a cliffhanger. cant wait to this book comes out

9 years ago

Donna! Donna! Donna! How *could* you do this to us? =D I don’t know if it will fit here, but I thought you’d get a kick out of my 5* review I just posted on Amazon. =) Title: 5 stars I turned the pg 2 continue reading…the END! =D, August 18, 2012 By Cali (AZ, USA) This review is from: A Warrior’s Promise (Mass Market Paperback) Wow! I’m sitting here cursing because now I have to wait till October to read the finale in this series. The storyline has been stated, several times, so this is all I will add:… Read more »