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Wed To A Highland Warrior


Highlander Trilogy Giveaway Extended

Due to Hurricane Sandy disrupting everything here, I need to extend the Highlander Trilogy Giveaway for a month. So for those of you who haven't taken a chance to win the two books in print format... go here and leave a comment.  

Warrior King Celebration #4... A Snippet

A snippet from Wed To A Highland Warrior... Trey was relieved that he was making better time than he had expected, daylight having yet to give way to nightfall. He would need light, if for some reason he needed to follow her tracks — he stopped abruptly realizing he had reached the very spot where he had left Bliss. With…

Warrior King Series Celebration (One)

With the last book in the Warrior King series, Wed To A Highland Warrior, to be released at the end of October I thought it was time to start celebrating! So from now until release date I'll be randomly posting sneak peaks of the book, revisiting with all the characters, and what would a celebration be without a contest. I'll…