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Highlander Trilogy Giveaway Extended

Due to Hurricane Sandy disrupting everything here, I need to extend the Highlander Trilogy Giveaway for a month. So for those of you who haven’t taken a chance to win the two books in print format… go here and leave a comment.


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7 Comments on "Highlander Trilogy Giveaway Extended"

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Norma Fraley

Can’t wait to get the next one.

Norma Fraley

Thank you for all the hours of enjoyment.

Marie Rupolo

I love the following books the best – Love Me Forever, Isle of Lies and Irish Devil.
I have those on my Kindle and have re-read them many times. I’ve just downloaded
the SAMPLES of the new “Trilogy” and I am absolutely going to purchase those as well.
Keep up the good work! And thank you for the extension for this contest! I live on
Long Island, NY and we have been affected by Sandy. When I see the devastation so
close to home, I am grateful for the little damage we got.

Lisa McFarland

I have enjoyed the first two books in the Highlander series and look forward to the third.


Just found your books and they are a delight, started with Under the Highlander’s Spell and cannot wait to get back to the store to purchase more as I do not yet own a Kindle.

Kathleen Dever

Love the first two books of the Highland Trilogy. I can hardly wait for the third book!!! Looking forward to it!

Thanks for the wonderful story!

Ranganai Matema

I loved the first two books. I couldn’t put them down. There was such a beautful flow between the two book and they wer so much alive it was like I was there as well. Cant wait for the last book in the triology