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Hurricane Sandy & release of last Warrior King book

Today Wed To A Highland Warrior is now available. Unfortunately Hurricane Sandy hit my area hard. I took two feet of water in the house, furniture is ruined and it’s a mess. But we’re safe and unharmed and dog and cat are a bit dramatized but otherwise doing well.

I will keep everyone updated but do know that this probably will change released dates for upcoming books.

Hope you all enjoy Wed To A Highland Warrior!


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11 years ago

I’m sorry about your home i’m glade you are all fine safe. I loved your new book Wed to a Highlander Worrior and it was fantastic I was wondering if in the future if the world be a short story about Bliss, Tray, Reeve, Tera & the babies. I love how they are not blood brothers but are closer then any brothers could be you dont see that much anymore. please keep up the good work. i belive you are 1 of my favorite writers and thank you for giving this single mom with 4 kids something to look forward too when the days get to be very hard and nothing is going your way. thank you! thank you! thank you!

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