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Westerns in the works... Prairie Hills Women Trilogy Book 2 & 3... plus more!

Today I’m going to tell you a little something about book two and three in the Prairie Hills Women Trilogy.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcROLXt4L1cHHHC6AOMNyHzEbwBAlaIIlQPCal Kryya6RbZlGh7Beth Alcott may be new to missionary work, but she’s tenacious and determined when she marches into the Purgatory Saloon in Prairie Hills and announces, “I’m on a mission for the Lord.”

She doesn’t care what the occupants of the saloon think of her presence there, she’s on a rescue mission. She also doesn’t give a hoot about Preacher Ferris’s warnings to his flock to keep their distance from the owner of the sinful establishment and “debaucher of young women” Michael Forrester. So what of the rumors of his superior strength and starkly handsome features or the nickname the locals had given him… Dark Spirit. That had been more than enough for Preacher Ferris to condemn him as the devil’s own.

Devil or no devil, Beth was in Purgatory to reclaim a soul and she was hell bent on succeeding.

What she doesn’t count on is how Michael Forrester’s sexual magnetism tempts her at every turn.

Book two of the Prairie Hills Women Trilogy is a tale of sexual freedom and love. Beth’s own saucy nature begs for sexual freedom, even if it means finding it in the arms of the town’s salacious saloon owner Michael Forrester.


 Book three in the trilogy is a tale of sexual equality and love. Strong and courageous and shunned by decent folk, yet sought after by men, seductive Aurora, owner of the Painted Lady bordello looks for one thing… a man who is her equal in and out of bed, but hell, she never expects to find both with the town’s new preacher.

Yup, never in her wildest dreams had she thought that but then never had she thought a preacher could be so sinfully tempting. So when a tall, handsome stranger moseys into town in faded tight jeans that hugs a tight rounded backside with a white shirt that buttons up along a lean muscled chest and long slender fingers that grip worn saddlebags flung over broad shoulders and a black Stetson that rides low on his forehead, Aurora thinks she just make break her dry spell and taste of his pleasure. That is until the stranger walks straight for the new church and enters.

Hell and damnation and that’s where she’d be going if she seduced the new preacher. But then Preacher Adam Marsh is more than she bargained for and more man than Aurora has ever known.


 I combined book two and three of the Prairie Hills Women trilogy this Saturday so I could devote next Saturday to telling you a bit more about Renegade Love, since so many of you have e-mailed me about the book. And this Tuesday will be my last Hero Tuesday in July and Esteban, the hero from Renegade Love will be featured.

Until then happy reading!

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