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Western historical romance


Westerns in the works... Prairie Hills Women Trilogy Book 1

Today I’m going to introduce you to Book One in the Prairie Hills Women Trilogy... It’s a tale of sexual discovery and love. Mary, a widow, is prim and proper and feeling unfulfilled sexually. She fights to discover herself and to embrace her own sexy nature, even if it means finding it with the best, badass gunman in the Dakota…

Hero Tuesdays in July

Today I want to introduce you to Clint Harris. He’s the hero from the first book in the Prairie Hills Women trilogy. He’s a gunman with a wicked reputation and not only with a gun. I thought I’d let you get to know Clint through the heroine, Mary. She’s a proper lady from back East and she’s also a widow…

Last Day of my American Collection Celebration Week... Westerns in the Works

There are some western historical romances that I’m working on in between my Highlander books. Yesterday I told you about Renegade Love, Rosalita’s story, that is part of the Ranchero series, though more appropriately should be called a trilogy. Esteban has a sister Crista who I hadn’t given much thought to. She was sent off to Spain to be educated…

Day Six of my American Collection Celebration Week... Renegade Love

What do you do when the heroine from the second book in the series is already married when you introduce her in the first book of the series but you have no idea who her husband is? You wait for him to show up. That’s how Renegade Love came about. When I introduced Rosalita in Untamed Fire I found her…

Day Five of my American Collection Celebration Week

You would think that it was the over-the-top alpha male hero Raphael Cabrillo that got me started writing Untamed Fire. It wasn’t. You’re not going to believe this but a few pictures in a magazine of a hacienda-style home got me thinking of setting a book in California when the Spaniards owned a good portion of the land. I could…