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Hero Tuesdays in July... Renegade Love Hero

Today I’m going to let you get a brief glimpse of Esteban Cesare, the hero from Renegade Love. He’s a complicated man due to his past and there is so much more to his past than anyone knows.

In this scene Esteban finds out that his father has arranged a marriage for him.


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR3AW5zVM iuks1XJ b2oYgLe6iSQRfkxoP7p mp YU5OkKouAS“You what?” Esteban yelled at his father.

“I’ve arranged a marriage between you and Rosalita Mendez,” Alejandro repeated calmly, although his heart raced at an alarming rate.

Esteban paced in front of his father’s wide desk, glad that it separated them from each other, for he had an uncontrollable urge to reach out and strangle him. “I have told you repeatedly that I would not marry—and yet—you arrange a marriage against my wishes?”

“I do not need your permission,” Alejandro reminded him.

Esteban stopped pacing. “I take orders from no man, Father.”

Alejandro lowered his head a fraction in defeat, though he had no intentions to surrender. He rubbed at his forehead, hoping to ease the throbbing pain, his voice muffled as he spoke, “You have a duty, my son. You must marry and produce an heir so the Cesare name and land will continue to prosper.”

It was partially the truth, though what Alejandro prayed for the most was that Rosa would help restore Esteban to his old self, erase his hurtful past and that they would share a happy life together.

Esteban braced his hands flat upon the desk and leaned forward toward his father. “Believe me, Father, when I tell you that no good would come of this marriage. You do the innocent girl an injustice by forcing her upon me.”

“Rosa seems pleased with the arrangement,” Alejandro lied and silently offered a quick prayer of contrition.

Esteban stood straight. “Why?”

Alejandro scrunched his brow confused. “What do you mean?”

“Why should she agree to marry me in only two weeks? Does she need a husband?”

Alejandro caught his son’s insinuation immediately. “Rosa is a good girl as I had told you. There is no need for her to marry quickly. Why I doubt she has ever been kissed.”

Esteban found his blood racing at the idea of one so innocent. To taste such purity would be a mistake. It would only leave an insatiable appetite for more and once started he would not stop, and then—she would be innocent no more—and by the time he was done… she would be full of sin.


 Renegade Love will be available at the end of the year or early 2013. I will keep you all updated.

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Dorothy Kuhlmann
Dorothy Kuhlmann
11 years ago

Your love stories are a cut above so many than are just about sex with minimum story line. I have read many of your books and my favorite is Love Me Forever. The giant legend is so gentle and caring, yet strong in his protection of Brianna. Not many men would be so tender or even care for a sick person. I have read the book three times and am sure will read it again.

Please send me an e-mail when Renegade Love is available. Untamed Fire was very good. Highland romances are more to my liking, but this story was well done.


sandra dent
sandra dent
6 years ago

Hi i’m just wondering when the 3rd book in the ranchers will be available.

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