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Sizzling Sundays...Macinnes Sisters Book One

I couldn’t let Sizzling Sundays go by without tossing in the Macinnes Sisters book. I don’t have a title for any of the books yet, but this excerpt is from book one and is about Emma Macinnes, the plain sister and Rogan the hero who has been promised in marriage to Heather, the oldest and most beautiful sister. Something is going on between Emma and Rogan, not that she understands it and either does Rogan. But, hey, when does love ever make sense.

They have only known each other a short time here and things haven’t always gone smoothly between them, but…


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTsTG chMyyxBYUgWSAla9w8Aw6vqPF TnjSB9SYnIF6AHyt2XGAfter two days of rarely seeing Rogan, Emma realized how much she missed him. It made no sense really, she barely knew him so how could she miss him? But the empty ache inside her told her otherwise.

That evening when the camp was settled and guards posted, Emma left the warmth of the fire seeking solitude if only for a little while. She was a few feet into the darkness at the edge of the camp when she heard a rustle.

“Do you seek privacy?”

Emma turned to see Rogan a few feet away and she caught the smile before it surfaced. It would do no good for him to know how easily he could bring a smile to her face.  “Solitude.”

“Then we seek the same.”

She nodded slowly, disappointed that he all but told her that he wished to be alone. “I will find another place and leave you to your solitude, though there was something I wished to say to you.”

He stepped closer, his eyes intent in their perusal of her and it caused her to shiver.

“You are chilled?” he asked.

His sincere concern warmed her heart but then he need only glance at her for her heart to warm. She had to do this; she had to tell him of her plan, though it had been devised in haste, it nonetheless was a plan. And she worked best with a plan. Good or bad she had something to follow, something she could depend on.

“I’m fine,” she said fighting the urge to toss her plan aside and let fate take its course. But she couldn’t do that. She had to do what was right for all concerned. “I have decided that when all this is done and life restored to normal that I will ask my father to arrange a marriage for me. Then you will have no need to trouble yourself with it.”

She was met with silence so heavy that it actually caused her to grow warm. Had she somehow insulted him? Had he someone in mind for her already and annoyed with her decision? Or was he so relieved that he did not have to deal with the arduous task of finding a husband for the likes of her that he had been struck speechless.

Her own annoyance grew and she was about to bid him good evening and be off when he reached out, grabbed her around the waist and yanked her close. She opened her mouth to protest just as his descended on hers.

The kiss would have staggered her if Rogan had not held her firm. His lips were as strong and commanding as he was. He would not be denied nor would he allow her to deny her need to return his kiss. And she didn’t.

Her arms wrapped around his neck, her body pressed eagerly against his, the hard warm feel of him sent a tremble up her legs and set off a tingle between them.

Never had she experienced a kiss like this and she never wanted it to end. He had to have felt the same for just when she thought it over, the kiss waning, it would begin again. And the longer it went on the stronger the tingle grew and the tighter she pressed against him not able to get close enough and knowing the closeness she sought could only be satisfied with him making love to her.


The Macinnes Sisters Trilogy has a release date of summer 2013.

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