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Wicked Wednesdays in August... Pirates

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRo54zTlYA2602Vywzu5InGdD72xq pGbc4skC4jR LawN7oth rgI can’t let Wicked Wednesdays in August pass by without introducing you to a pirate. The first and only pirate story I ever wrote was The Buccaneer and I loved writing about Lucian. He was so lusciously wicked. And we know when wicked heroes fall in love, they fall hard and he certainly did.

I always wanted to write another pirate book and a few years ago I got an idea for a pirate trilogy. It never sold, but I fell in love with the three pirates and hoped one day to write their stories. So the pirate trilogy has been added to my heroes-to-write list.

I’m going to introduce to the wicked hero in the first book. It has a tentative title… Pirate’s Pleasure. The infamous pirate Captain Drake has been disturbed, while enjoying the pleasures of a talented tavern wrench, and he’s about to find out why.


Captain Drake was definitely going to do damage to the man outside the door. He quickly pulled up his breeches and fastened them as he watched Sadie crawl like a cat on the prowl into bed, her ample, swaying derriere tempting the bloody hell out of him.

He growled yanking open the door and stepped into the dim lit hallway ready to kill. No one was there, though light spilled across the worn carpet from the open door of a room at the end of the hall. He thought to return to Sadie, but this intruder needed to be dealt with and besides he wanted to know who called him by his given name.

Drake didn’t worry that he carried no weapon and wore only his breeches and boots. He was more than confident that he could defend himself. He had done so time and again, whether it was his wits, his charm, or his fists he used; he always managed to escape dire situations. Because of his constant success at avoiding injury he was more fearless than probably wise.

However he wasn’t ignorant in his approach and cautiously peered into the roombefore entering.

“I’ve been patient, Captain Grayson,” the wiry, little man said.

The man stood no more than five feet four, his eyes round and wide due more to the spectacles he wore resting far up on the bridge of his narrow nose. His size alone confirmed he was no threat, since Drake stood a good six feet and though slender he was lean and hard and quick on his feet.

The short man’s gray hair was thin on the top and neatly drawn back and tied at his nape with a black silk ribbon. His dress was that of a gentleman and Drake wondered how he ever made it passed his men in one piece or on to the island of Tortuga for that matter. He just wasn’t the type you would find among pirates, unless he was a prisoner of one.

“Please close the door, I have a proposition to discuss with you.”

Drake was surprised by his authoritative tone and curious as to what type of business a man such as he would have with a pirate. Curiosity had him stepping into the room and closing the door.

“My name is Thomas Winthane and my benefactor wishes to hire you for a specific mission.”

Drake laughed. “Thanks to the Treaty of Ultrecht I was relieved of my military duty as a privateer and with no wealthy family to return to in England; my only recourse was to turn to pirating. I no longer profit by hire, but rather by plunder.”

“My benefactor understands all this, but he requires someone of your ilk to see to this matter.” Thomas walked over to the table by the window and filled two goblets from the pewter pitcher, handing one to Drake. “Rum?”

Drake took it. “By my ilk, I assume you mean a pirate.”

“That is correct. Only a pirate can deal with this matter.”

“And what matter is that?”

“My benefactor needs a woman abducted—”

Drake downed the rum and held the goblet out to Thomas. “Not interested.”

“Hear me out,” Thomas said and refilled the goblet.


“My benefactor will make it well worth your while,” Thomas said.

“I’ve been promised the same from others and most failed to come through with payment, which meant I had to chase them down and let them know what happens when they try to swindle The Rake.”

“My benefactor accounted for your possible misgivings and has authorized me to pay you half now and half when you deliver the woman.” Thomas retrieved a black velvet pouch from a leather satchel on the bed and dropped the contents on the table. Gold coins spilled out one after the other until the very last one slipped from the pile onto the floor.

Neither Thomas nor Drake reached to pick it up.

While the coins certainly were tempting, Drake still had questions. “Though I have yet to decide; tell me who it is you wish abducted.”

“Are you familiar with the island of Aria?”

Drake nodded. “The Wetherly family owns it. They profit not only from the sugar cane, but native pottery. They do not bother the pirates that make use of their many coves so the pirates leave them alone.”

“Do you know of Trista Wetherly?”

“She is the only child of Edward and Margaret Wetherly and from what I have heard is not fair of nature or appearance, the reason why at four and twenty years she remains unwed.”

“My benefactor wishes Trista Wetherly abducted and brought to him safe and untouched by any man’s hands.”

Drake laughed and then downed the rum, this time going to the table to refill his goblet. “He wants her for himself.”

“The reason does not concern you.”

“It bloody hell does if I’m to abduct her.”

“You will be paid handsomely to carry out this mission. If you suddenly have developed scruples then perhaps this mission isn’t for you.”

“You have balls coming into a pirate’s den and making demands,” Drake said with a harsh scold. “I could do you in, take your coins, and no one would be the wiser.”

“Except that there are more coins where these came from and it is an easy mission with little to no danger and it will pay you more than generously. Would your crew truly wish for you to turn it down?”

He and his crew had just finished plundering two ships and needed some rest. This mission would afford them that while still filling their coffers.

“Where is she to be delivered?” Drake asked wanting all the information upfront.

“You will be advised of the destination once you have her in custody.”

“Why can’t I know now?” he asked, not liking the sudden secrecy.

“The location has yet to be decided,” Thomas said.

Drake didn’t believe him. Thomas Winthane appeared to be a man who planned precisely, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so foolish as to enter a pirate’s stronghold. He had planned for a safe entry into Tortuga and for a safe departure. This was no man who left things to chance.

“Do you accept the assignment?” Thomas asked.

Drake was more than curious with the mission and while he had qualms about abducting a woman, he had no qualms with the amount of coins offered. However if he discovered that he would leave the woman to suffer a cruel fate, then he would simply return her home and keep what coins he had collected.

“I accept,” Drake said, the terms clear in his head.

Thomas gathered the spilled coins into the pouch. “Your reputation as a rake is known far and wide. My benefactor wants it made explicitly clear that under no circumstances are you to deflower her.”

“Bloody hell, man, don’t tell me she’s a virgin. They’re too tempting to ignore.”

“Can’t you control that rod of yours?”

Drake laughed. “It often has a mind of its own.”

“Take it to task, Captain, this delivery is of the utmost importance. You cannot touch Trista Wetherly.”

“Why the bloody hell did your benefactor choose me when he obviously is well aware of my reputation with women?”

“You are the right man for the assignment.”

“Are you sure about that? What if I found Trista Wetherly too irresistible to ignore?”

“That would be a mistake, Captain Grayson,” Thomas cautioned.

“How so?” Drake demanded.

“My benefactor would seek retribution.”

“Against an infamous pirate?” Drake laughed.

“It is worth noting that my benefactor is a powerful man and one you would not want as an enemy.”

Drake laughed. “I’m a pirate. I have more enemies than friends. Your benefactor can do me no harm.”

“You would be surprised what he could do as your enemy or your friend,” Thomas said. “The choice is entirely yours.”

“You’re right the choice is mine.”

“Besides, what is there to worry about? You said yourself that Trista Wetherly isn’t fair to look upon. So you should have no problem keeping your distance from her.”

“Mister Winthane, with a little care and tender touch, the ugliest woman can become the most beautiful woman in bed.”

“Then keep your care and your touch to yourself, Captain Grayson and you’ll have no problem.”

“What if she cannot keep her hands off me?”

“Since you are a rake of the first measure, Captain, I am sure you will know precisely how to quell any adoration Trista Wetherly may believe she has for you.” Thomas bent down and picked up the gold coin that had fallen on the floor and walked over to Captain Grayson holding the coin and heavy purse out to him. “I would advise you to ask yourself if Trista Wetherly would be worth the price.”

After getting all the information he required from Thomas Winthane, Drake made haste to his room and the delectable Sadie, though he slowed his pace before reaching the door. There were some things that made no sense about this offer. One was why the benefactor hadn’t simply approached Trista Wetherly himself? Another was why hadn’t a final destination been determined yet? There seemed to be too much intrigue and mystery surrounding the mission, which was why he found it appealing.

He’d set his own agenda, and take precautions, and get answers one way or another.

Drake entered the room with a smile and it grew as he caught sight of Sadie her legs spread wide wearing a welcoming smile.

He stripped off his boots and breeches as he approached the bed. “I have a tall order for you, Sadie, my girl. I need you to leave me not wanting another woman for at least a month.”

Sadie licked her lips and shifted her hips to greet him. “Captain, when I get done with you, you’ll not want another woman but me ever again.”


I’d love to hear what you think of pirate romances… do you like them or not?

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11 years ago

Love it! I totally want to know what the mission is and the adventures he’ll have with Trista! 🙂

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