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Avon - Love Gives Back

Avon has an exciting online promotion running from September though December. This Sneak Peek/Full Access promotion is called Love Gives Back. Readers will be able to browse the first 20% of new titles online for 2 weeks before they hit the stores and also read, an author chosen, backlist title in its entirety through the Browse Inside tool for a…

Books At My Doorstep

I opened my front door and there to my joy was a box from one of the book clubs I belong to. I was lucky that it was delivered later in the day. I have a writing schedule to keep and if those books had arrived earlier I would have had a hard time ignoring them.I grabbed a glass of…

Witch "Wise"

In my research into witchcraft for my witch series The Wedding Spell, Magical Moments, Magical Memories and Remember The Magic, I came across information that challenged the fact that witch means "wise." The author made interesting points referencing the Indo-European root of "Weik" and moving through Old English, Old and Middle French, Old Norse, Old High German, etc. to connect…

Sunrise & Promises

I sat on the beach and watched the sunrise this morning. It peeked on the ocean's horizon and slowly the flaming orange ball rose majestically as if from the depths of the sea. Its ascent flooded the land with light and warmth, and I thought along with it came the promise of a new day. Always a new beginning, a…

My Laptop, My Trusty Companion

I'm off to the Jersey shore to visit family and friends for a few days and naturally my laptop is going along. How can it not when it's my trusty companion. I rarely travel without it and I don't know how I'd live without it.When I first began writing I used a typewriter and wrote three books on it that…