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Let Halloween magic begin...

October is the month of trick–or-treat, plump pumpkins, candy corn, ghosts and ghouls, black cats and witches hats. It’s a month packed with magic when not only kids get to dress in costumes and pretend but so do adults.

There is so much history behind Halloween that it is sometimes hard to separate truth from tale. I’ll sprinkle some facts about Halloween and witches throughout my blogs this month and leave you with a few fun myths, spells and divination techniques to try if you’d like.

Also some of my characters insist on guest blogging this month to let you know how they feel about magic, witches and things-that-go-bump in the night. And it’s not just the Wyrrd witches you’ll be hearing from. My Highlanders want to be heard as well.

Here’s a myth you might want to give a try. On Halloween (it must be Halloween) try to catch a falling leaf. If you catch one it is believed that you will have good luck all year long. You may think this is easy. But just try catching a falling leaf and then let me know what you think :)  You might want to start practicing.

Anything can happen during Halloween magic so stayed tuned…tomorrow October 2… contest time.

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