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Sunrise & Promises

I sat on the beach and watched the sunrise this morning. It peeked on the ocean's horizon and slowly the flaming orange ball rose majestically as if from the depths of the sea. Its ascent flooded the land with light and warmth, and I thought along with it came the promise of a new day. Always a new beginning, a…

My Laptop, My Trusty Companion

I'm off to the Jersey shore to visit family and friends for a few days and naturally my laptop is going along. How can it not when it's my trusty companion. I rarely travel without it and I don't know how I'd live without it.When I first began writing I used a typewriter and wrote three books on it that…

Butterflies & Writing

Recently I was sitting outside on a beautiful summer day writing in my journal when a butterfly landed nearby. It was a lovely colored butterfly and I thought how it had taken a period of gestation before its beauty was ready to emerge.I realized then that writing is much like a butterfly. At first you have the stirring of a…

Lachlan's Book

Right now Artair's book, Under The Highlander's Spell, is getting all the attention, but I thought Lachlan deserved a mention. After all, a charmer like him can't be ignored, though under that charming facade there's so much more. And readers will learn all about him in his book The Angel and The Highlander, in stores May 2009.I want to thank…

Calling All Knitters

Another hobby of mine is knitting and as any avid knitter knows you can't be without a project, though one is never enough. I'm usually working on three or four at a time. In a way it's like writing. Once you get started you're caught in the rhythm and there's no turning back.There's a project that caught my sister's attention…