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Heroines Wearing Pants

I just got the final edits for Bryce’s book, A Warrior’s Promise, third book in the Warrior King series. I had tons of fun writing that one. I love the heroine, Charlotte. It takes gumption to dress like a lad and go off on her own to rescue her father, but then it’s her love for him that drives her. And Bryce being the honorable warrior that he is certainly cannot leave a young lad on his own, not to mention a petite lassie to her own devices. Bryce and Charlotte make a terrific couple. I can’t wait for you to read about them.

Having the heroine dress as a lad isn’t new to me. In my first book San Francisco Surrender Victoria—Vic—could be found prowling the Barbary Coast wharfs at night to steal from the rich blokes who frequented the brothels and gambling dens. She earns herself the nickname The Serpent, since she strikes quickly and leaves her mark much too close to the family jewels, giving her time to make a fast getaway. Victoria has no choice but to steal. Her sister Beth needs medicine and robbing the rich is the only way she can provide for her. Of course it takes the Dragon to tame the Serpent.

The second time I put a heroine in pants was in Irish Hope. Lady Hope just had to have an adventure before she entered into an arranged marriage. So she cuts her long hair and accompanied by her faithful, though cowardly dog Lady Gwyneth, she takes off on her quest. She doesn’t expect to find love but then either does Colin the roguish charmer from The Irish Devil.

Gumption! I love heroines with gumption whether they have courage right from the start of the book or gain it as the story evolves… gumption makes for interesting heroines!

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virginia porcelli

when is this a worrior;s promise out?


Hi, I was wondering if you have a mailing list to update people when your books are available?

Heather T.

Please add me to your e-mail alert list!

Michele Miller

I would like to be alerted to your new books. I have really enjoyed reading them! I am reading about the 4 warriors right now and can’t wait to see who you have picked for the new king! I’m looking forward to hearing more about Trey and Bliss, too! Good reading!!

karen rogers

Please add me to your mailing list. I really enjoy reading your books.