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Halloween Magic

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I have some special things planned for October on my website. First, my Wyrrd Witches series will be available in October as e-books. And of course to celebrate I’ve written a short story images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTmAYRk8eskO5tA2hyfqUFO2qKwk0kjPrErjt8av8FpMsPi0QX qNWJmglHhw—The Devil’s Den—with characters from the Wyrrd books. The short story will start on Wednesday, October 5 and run each Wednesday until October 26. During the other days of October I’ll be recommending fiction and non-fiction books related to witches, ghosts and anything that goes bump-in-the-night. I’ll also be posting some interesting facts about witches and the Craft.

Of course, a contest is definitely called for to help celebrate, details coming soon.

For the grand finale… on October 31, I’ll post the first chapter of a new series—The Witch Hunter series—a paranormal/mystery/romance available in 2012. It takes place in Scotland at the turn of the century with some very interesting characters you won’t want to miss.

I’m excited about the month of October Magic, but fear not I’m still working on my Highlanders and you’ll be hearing and reading about them as well.

Stay tuned to my website starting October 1… and see what magic I have in store!

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