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The Silent Highlander

I’m thrilled so many of you like the cover of The Silent Highlander, book two of Highland Intrigue Trilogy. I just had to try something different for this trilogy, especially with the intrigue that surrounds it. 

Make sure you pay attention throughout the prequel, Highland Intrigue A Prequel and all three books; The Silent Highlander, The Condemned Highlander, and Highlander The Cursed Lord since I’ll be doing a big giveaway for the last one in the trilogy just before it becomes available, which means, I’m going to have you take a guess as to who, out of the three sisters, is the MacDonald bairn that survived and is the only one who can break the curse. 

The Silent Highlander will be available in June. 

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LaTwanya Speller
LaTwanya Speller
6 months ago

Donna, I love the cover. This man is sexy as sin with unusual shade of green eyes. The sweat popping out on his face, says he’s nervous because of whatever problem has caused him to lose his voice; but also due to the secrets he has & because he wants her so bad that he’s about to burst. I love the way you have him looking mysterious with his head covered and just enough face showing so we know he’s sexy as all get out.

Last edited 6 months ago by LaTwanya Speller
R mehta
R mehta
6 months ago

Doona, after reading prequel, i cannot wait to read all the 3 books. Request to u to publish all books without much gap . Looking forward to all books. June is long time for book 1 to come and read. If possible please do it at the earliest

5 months ago

hi Ms Donna Fletcher. I am absolutely in love with your writing sytle. My first book I read by you was Highlander Unchained and I fell head over heels for Cree and Dawn. I have read the prequel Highland intrigue and I cannot wait for the rest. Wishing you all the best in continuing the series and absolutely cannot wait to read Saber and Elisia’s story in the Silent Highlander.