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Highland Historical Romance


The Silent Highlander

I'm thrilled so many of you like the cover of The Silent Highlander, book two of Highland Intrigue Trilogy. I just had to try something different for this trilogy, especially with the intrigue that surrounds it.  Make sure you pay attention throughout the prequel, Highland Intrigue A Prequel and all three books; The Silent Highlander, The Condemned Highlander, and Highlander…

Update Highland Intrigue the Prequel!

I’m finishing up Highland Intrigue the Prequel. It will be ready to release by the end of March. I always love getting to know new characters. The bond between the three sisters and what they will do for each other amazed me and the sorrow and forced loneliness the three heroes suffer to protect others got me thinking about loneliness.…

More updates... Highlander Oath of the Beast!

Everything is moving along nicely for the release late next week of Highlander Oath of the Beast. I can't wait for you to read about Wolf and Raven. I had the best time writing about the couple. Raven is remarkably brave, but then she had no other choice and Wolf has no idea what he's in store for, though he…

Brief Update!

Time got away from me. I didn't realize it has been over a month since I posted a new blog. You would think with all the time I have being housebound, I would have extra time to do things. But then I've been writing a lot. And because of that Pledged To A Highlander may be released late May instead…

Warriors & Bad Boys in Historical Romances

  Looking for some hot and dangerous heroes? Try these free books... but they won't be free for long so hurry and scoop them up. Get them here. The King's Executioner, first book in my Pict King Series is included so if you haven't read it yet, now's your chance to get it free. Enjoy!