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The Silent Highlander

Book 1: Highland Intrigue Trilogy

About the Book

All is not what it seems. Don’t trust anyone.

The warning comes too late for Elysia.

Alone and frightened Elysia hurries to do as her two sisters urged, ask Saber, who works one of the crofts, to wed her. She favors him and believes he feels the same about her. His throat is healing from an injury and his voice is slowly returning with her help. Elysia is no healer but having helped her sister Bliss, the healer of their clan, she has a bit of healing knowledge.  

It is the least she can do when her two sisters are sacrificing so much more. Annis is off on a mission to see what can be done to save Bliss from a marriage she agreed to, so Annis and Elysia would not be forced to wed, but will surely be the death of her due to a twenty-year-old curse. A marriage to Saber would keep Elysia safe from those seeking to take advantage of her now that she doesn’t have the safety of her sisters.

To her surprise, Saber refuses her offer and to make matters worse the chieftain of the clan presents her with three clan warriors and gives her two weeks to pick one to wed. She does not want to wed a warrior. She wants a tender and quiet man like Saber, not a man who lives by the sword.

Saber got lost in Elysia’s soft green eyes when they first met and she attempted to hide behind him, an easy task since she is a wee bit of a thing. She has a kind and sweet nature that entices. Not able to get her out of his thoughts, he seeks her healing skills more often than he should. But marriage to her is out of the question. He tries to stay away from her but fails.

Fate or perhaps it is the curse that intervenes and unites Saber and Elysia in marriage. They briefly find happiness together… until the truth is revealed.

Nothing about Saber is real, not even his name. Who is this man she calls, husband? Who is this stranger she has wed? And how will she ever survive a marriage to him?

Unexpected danger threatens the couple and Saber will do anything to keep his wife safe from harm. But Elysia has a secret that she fears will fuel the curse and worries what will happen when Saber finds out.

Her only hope is that her sister, Annis, will be successful at breaking the curse before the curse claims them all.

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The Details

Published: May 31, 2021
Publisher: Donna Fletcher
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 173569276X ISBN-13: 978-1735692760 ASIN: B096BJSS28
Genres & Tropes
Scottish Romance, Highland Romance, Highlanders, Scotland, Historical Romance

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